Two Pastors Assaulted, And Their Bible Set Ablaze in Haryana!

by John

Haryana Pastor News:

A group of almost 10 or 12 Hindu nationalists hassled and assaulted two pastors and burnt a Bible; carried by one of the pastors after condemning them of changing people to Christianity around by offering them money, as per the local reporting. Those Pastors were identified; named Sanjay Kumar and Inderjit. They were in Haryana returning home; after meeting a Christian family for prayers on the rooftop of their home; in the area of Anand Nagar; the area related to Ambala Cantonment; at the same time, the mob involved women as well attacked them. It was also reported by Morning Star News.

Assaulted Two Pastors:

These pastors were also suspected of receiving foreign funding and offering money to the local people in order to bring them in Christian conversion. Evidently, some of the angry people in the mob; made videos of the pastors questioning them in a rough language without letting them answer, the Pastor named Kumar was quoted as saying.

He said that Sanjay Rana, a neighbour and a member of the Hindu extremist Bajrang Dal, was leading that gang. Pastor Inderjit’s driver’s license and Pastor Kumar’s ID card were snatched by Rana, and then the mob began hitting and slapping them frequently. They also grabbed the Bible from Pastor Kumar’s hand. Pastor Kumar gave a bold statement that “Their pounding did not pain me as much as the snatching of my Bible did.”

“I started to weep. I said, “This is my Bible; this is my Jesus.” Please give my Bible back to me.”

Who is Behind?

A man and a woman came from that annoying gathering burned my Bible using a matchbox, and then she mockingly declared, “Now See, I have set your Jesus ablaze.” Pastor Kumar also explained that the irritated mob then tried to force them to recite a devotional hymn in admiration of the Hindu god Hanuman, and endeavoured to abduct them; they enforced them to take them to a Hindu temple to bow before idols forcibly.

“The angry group began to force us to enter their car. While we resisted steadfastly, they said, “Let’s call

the police now.”

Physical & Mental Abuse:

Moreover, Pastor Inderjit explained that after ending the 90 minutes of so tough physical and mental abuse; he was glad about police arrival. Pastor Kumar was faint because of the beating by the mob, one of the attackers said they should let them go, and then the two pastors escaped.

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