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by John

Ukraine Christians & People Have Heavenly Help:

By some reliable sources, it was reported, that the Ukrainian President is our real iron-man, said a Ukrainian reporter. He said that when he became a president, he said to the nation, “every one of you is president”, now in this critical situation of war with Russia and in the critical condition of the Ukrainian nation, he said, “Every one of you is a soldier.”

People Join Ukraine Military

Moreover, the reporter explained that it is obvious that not every one of us can hold a machine gun. Honestly, many people came to join the army but right now there are enough people to fight against the Russians. So, when the army met those devoted Ukrainian people to join the army, they were told by the army that right now, we are enough to defend, go and find another job to help your country. In a reply to a question about the current greatest need of Ukraine, he said that the greatest needs of our nation are a continuation of prayers, food, and basic needs.

Prayer & Ukraine Christians

Furthermore, he told that one of the brothers of the church told that his brother is in the military. And that military person shared a miracle with his brother. He told that in the dark night, they were holding their positions to defend the enemy, they found that a lot of Russian tanks and machines came to have them, and because of them, they might struggle to defend themselves. So that military person called his dad, and said “Dad, you have to pray right now.” So, his father shared this prayer request with the other church members and they started praying.

People are encouraged to Prayers!

Then he said a miracle took place, he said that there was some kind of lightning from the sky, started shooting from the sky, like sparks were going and were spreading everywhere. The very next morning they found that all Russian machines were destroyed. He also said that in another incident they found the heavenly help as well. While talking to the CBN interviewer in an interview, he said that please pray for us that we would hear God, we would receive the peace of God for our hearts.
Pray that we would be acting members of a body of Christ in this time, pray that we would not just sit and be afraid of things around us. In a reply to the Ukrainian reporter, the CBN interviewer encouraged him that we all are praying for the Ukraine Christian.

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