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by John

Christian Times Lahore Pakistan: It reported through reliable sources that in the area Green Town Lahore, on 16th March – 2022, a Muslim miscreant person named Mohammad Bilal came to a local church named “One in Christ Church” and climbed upon its cross and start shouting loudly his religious slogans.

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Green Town Lahore Case:

It was reported that the bishop of that local church was interviewed by a local Christian media channel. As he was being interviewed by the Christian channel told that on 16th March on Wednesday morning approximately almost at 10:00 am, a Muslim man came from the factory nearby the church, climbed upon the cross (which was almost 35 feet high from the ground level, told by the bishop of the church), and start shouting his religious slogans. All locals gathered around the church and they gazed at that person who was trying to break that church cross.

The Person Trying to break the Cross

The bishop of the church told that the wrongdoer person had been trying to break that cross but the base of that cross was so strong and it was made of iron; so that was why the person was unable to fulfill his criminal desires. He didn’t do that cruel act only but after that, he jumped off from the cross which was so high from the ground level. The local community was around him when he was laying on the ground unconsciously, thinking that he was dead but he was still alive, the bishop said.

Police Report:

Moreover, the bishop told, during all that incident occurred, he called the police by 15 emergency police helpline. The criminal is arrested now.

“We didn’t want kind of chaos; which was already created in past in such kind of strange incidents.” That’s why I tried to maintain peace among our local town’s community by depending upon the law.

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John March 29, 2022 - 6:06 am

Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan. God bless you

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